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 Dad's new jumper was itchy  Couch Potato

Shopping is fun


 17 pints always gave Robbie a funny feeling in his tummy  Colin won the lottery and bought a boat 

Nice doggy

 Sheep look funny in their wellies  My fave bag has red spots like chicken pox 

Bags first on the life raft

Well they do! If you've seen them then you'll know what we mean Love handbags, love this T shirt Can't be too careful. Make sure everyone knows you've bagsed a place.

 Dad grew a beard Mum had new shoes

We fed the cat too much


 Suicide hurts The news was interesting

Tom didn't like washing up but he did it to please Alice

Get the great washing up Tee! For all reluctant washers up!

 The kids loved the lollies  After graduation Andy didn't go straight into the high flying job his parents had expected 

Dad wondered why the computer wasn't working


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