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Geeks of the world unite! Here is the greatest collection of geekwear in the UK! 
Prices from £16.90 depending on T shirt style
 Geek Tragedy (see bigger drawing)  Motherboard

Windows claimed another victim(see bigger drawing)

-I had to use a pc today. I feel unclean
-Let us never talk of this again
artistx premium drawing. £24.99

A great image artistx premium drawing. £24.99
See more artistx drawings here

Spam email My mum says I'm special

The pen is mightier...

  Feeling a bit worthless? You can always count on your mum ! Just a bit of fun that turns a quick smile when people read it! bring a bit of happiness to the world and put a smile on people's faces! It's worth it

 dot.commie  i love widgets

My mobile is trendy

Want a great design, funny and in your face, looks political but is just pure fun! Makes a great talking point. Have you ever mentioned widgets? If so you need this T shirt to show your appreciation of these oft-mentioned goods! Make a splash with a widgets T shirt Got a trendy mobile? Tell the world with this great design!

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