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Geek T shirts
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Geek T shirts

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Geeks of the world unite! Here is the greatest collection of geekwear in the UK! 
beta web 2.0 spoof
 Geek  beta


Announce it with pride! A great web 2.0 spoof T shirt. get it and make fellow geeks laugh! Think of yourself as a Nerd rather than a geek? Then this is the T shirt for you!

Will code for food it's not a bug it's a feature

<geek> on front </geek> on back

Outsourcing all coding jobs to India, make people know what you think of it. Help them understand your programming! <geek> on front of T shirt and </geek> on the back! The perfect gift for the geek in your life!

Blog off When I grow up I want to be a computer programmer

I love geeks

The T shirt for the blogger. Wear it with pride. Not an astronaut or a Popstar! A computer programmer is what I want to be! Are you geeky? Like geeks? revel in it with our I love geeks T shirt!

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