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mouse tee
internet tee
slogan Tee
 No sir...  Networking for dummies

Slogan - image not loaded

No sir, neither the mouse nor the RAM need feeding Your computer...magic...the internet Spoof of when an image won't load online!

text message t shirt
robot Tee
 Work Home Sleep
 No! I will not fix your computer

Robot - must destroy


If all else fails ctrl-alt-delete Beware geeks bearing gifs

I'm not a geek I'm a nerd

When nothing's going right just ctrl-alt-delete and start again! If there is a better geek T shirt then I would like to see it! Beware geeks bearing gifs a beautiful play on beware greeks bearing gifts! For the inner nerd in every geek!

shark infested t shirt
 Beer belly  Shark infested!

War chalker

Like beer? Get this T shirt and show the world your love!   you know what it means!

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